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Why hold your event in Bilbao?

Bilbao, one of the major cities in the Basque Country, is a destination for congresses and conventions par excellence, thanks, amongst other things, to its trade fair tradition.

Just 15 kilometres from the Cantabrian Sea, Bilbao offers a range of leisure, culture, art and nature options. You only have to take a stroll through its old quarter or through the newly recovered estuary area, home to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, to realise that you are in a restless, dynamic city that looks to the future with great optimism. This city is also home to the finest gastronomy: savouring its traditional dishes and going out for pintxos(culinary miniatures) are rituals not to be missed. Make the most of the opportunity to discover nearby fishing villages and small inland towns.

The International Airport is 12 kilometres from the city centre and links Bilbao with the main cities in Spain and Europe. It is also easy to reach by rail and road.  Discover this city and choose it to hold your congress. Success is guaranteed in Bilbao, city:

  • Avant-garde: In industry, commerce, technology and the arts.
  • Alive: City in constant growth and innovation.
  • Elegant:  for both its people and its streets.
  • Cultural: Guggenheim Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Arriaga Theatre…
  • Financial: First rate financial centre
  • Commercial
  • 50 hotels in Bilbao

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