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Our clients say:

From the first site inspection to BEC

We knew we could count on an experienced and efficient team. Their dedication, proactive approach and overall professionalism contributed significantly to the success of our international event. BEC modern facilities proved to be ideal for our type of event, Bilbao as a destination offers everything what an event organiser needs. We are looking forward to coming back to Bilbao and BEC again

Mia Magazin
WIND EUROPE - Event Officer

BEC is a fantastic venue in a fabulous city

We have enjoyed organising a number of events there and are always looking for an excuse to go back. The staff are incredibly helpful and keen to make your event a success. I would highly recommend it as a destination'.


Jo Tyler
Event Director, Turret Media

BSH (BOSCH SIEMENS HOLDING) Convention july 2015

We held a client event for 240 guests at the Bilbao Events and Exhibition Centre in July 2015. We found the professionalism and flexibility of the BEC staff both in the lead up to and during the event fantastic. The facilities at BEC were perfectly suited to our needs and BEC staff were incredibly friendly. In addition the food and service were great. We would definitely return for future events.

e-team Veranstaltungsorganisation GmbH, Munich

Mary Kay Cosmetics

We have been working with BEC for several years as an event organiser.  Each year, we hold the Mary Kay Cosmetics Spanish regional conferences there, having worked for them for 18 years. For us, BEC is the perfect venue for this event, as it offers us the necessary space and its facilities are flexibly adapted to the needs of large events such as this, which require a high level of details. Furthermore, BEC has an excellent team of professionals who help us with all of the arrangements, which is undoubtedly a great advantage for any event organiser.

Brava Producciones

BIBE, Bilbao International Bike Exhibition

has been awarded the Best Sporting Event in Spain 2014  at the prestigious Eventoplus Awards. I have no doubt at all that holding the event at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre has had a lot to do with winning this award. Its facilities, services, location, accesses and more importantly, the team of professionals behind this fair are a guarantee of success. Its experience and guidance have been key to our success.

I could never have imagined how easy it is to work at BEC. From the moment you walk through the door, you are made to feel part of them.   We will definitely be back.


José Bonilla

In the MICE Industry you select a destination, then an infrastructure.

Usually there’s an issue with one or even with both… Since we came to Bilbao and our events were successful from the very start, my view is that this ticks all the boxes : Bilbao as a destination and BEC as a venue. Bilbao is one of the top smart cities in Europe.  

Eric Preat
Vice President Product Development EASY FAIRS

BEC is a great place to organise events thanks to its contemporary architecture and the quality of its facilities.

That's where I have been holding «El salon de Las Manualidades» for many years and it is always a pleasure to work with the highly professional and responsive commercial and technical teams to work in situ in all serenity. We can imagine any type of event at this venue as it has a vast surface area. Furthermore, visitors can easily reach the facilities as an Underground line passes through the Bilbao Exhibition Centre.



Nathalie Marques

Maná "Cama Incenciada" Tour

Bilbao!!  What a night in Bilbao!! So good that only now have I recovered to be able to write!! The Basque Country has always been a warm place, oozing a great deal of passion. That's why Maná has always loved going there, apart from the spectacular food, like in the rest of Spain, there is a vast range of culinary styles. We had the opportunity to visit several museums and sample various restaurants. Bilbao is really one of the most beautiful cities we have visited. Congratulations to all the Basque people. The concert was on fire, like always!!! The BEC went all out like the concert's energy!! It is gratifying to be at a concert at full volume

Maná Blog