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BEC offers an exclusive concept of comprehensive and personalised service which stands out for its flexibility and ability to control all of the details and requirements related to the development of the event.

An expert team of professionals participates actively in the design and implementation phases and offers an extensive range of services to guarantee an event that lives up to your expectations.


Turning the ideas of organisers, scenographers and event designers into technologically viable realities and providing products that improve the quality of their events and the participant experience is one of our main objectives. To do so, BEC has the best technological partner, Telesonic, with the necessary resources to carry out all kinds of audiovisual productions and its own state of the art materials. 


The culinary proposal offered by Grupo Iruña Servicios de Hostelería, a company operating exclusively in the on-site restaurants and catering areas, is committed to innovation and quality in every aspect so that each event is different. With themed staging and differentiated decorative elements.  Thanks to an extensive and versatile structure and a team of professionals, Iruña Catering adapts to the needs of each client, offering everything from short coffee breaks, cocktail receptions or aperitifs to the most sophisticated banquets in conjunction with the most prestigious caterers.


At BEC, we offer you the necessary support staff to ensure the success of your event, upholding your brand image and providing  a wide variety of organisational aspects: stewards and stewardesses, coordinators, audiovisual technicians, security staff, loading and unloading operators, translators ….


Having the most advanced services enables  us to offer unique technological solutions developed specifically for your events thanks to:

  • a network infrastructure with 29 km of fibre optic spread all over the venue, providing service to over 10,000 connection points
  • 1,000 Mbps broadband that enables up to 800 Mbps to be destined exclusively to an event
  • High capacity Wi-Fi with over 100 points located in all BEC areas
  • CCTV and Intrusion Control
  • And centralised software.


At BEC, we know that the key to differentiation lies in the customisation of events, so we work closely with the organisers to reinforce the power of the brand with tailor-made visual impact creations. Our team, along with our partner Bidico,  deals with the entire artistic process, from the design to the production and installation of the different elements at the venue, offering numerous options for the most creative marketing: signs, Venetian blinds, canvases, totems, vinyls, advertising flags…


As a trade show organiser, BEC has an extensive catalogue of services for any type of event. Our service department, made up of specialists, will propose comprehensive and customised solutions for making the experience attractive and enjoyable.  On-line Shop–>>

Furniture, stand assembly and goods handling are the regular services we provide to our customers.

E.g. the Automatic Trolley Dispensing System located between halls 1 and 3 of the exhibition centre available to customers, suppliers, etc…


BEC  has a team specialised in communication and marketing which offers clients guidance in contents and informative or advertising messages, support in the handling of local, national and international media, preparation or issue of press releases and communications, organisation of press conferences and the availability of an extensive network of social network channels.